The Quickest & Easiest Way To Know ABOUT Hair products

At clarifying the Redken really gets in there on that first wash and it cleans your hair without making it feel super stripped and dry and it’s kind of evident with their marketing they’re calling it cleansing cream so it’s kind of geared as something that’s not as drying in some of the other clarifying shampoos the other thing.

I really love about this one is it said I think it’s my favorite scent of all of them it has a very pure lemon scent to it that smells very fresh very clean it’s not too overpowering or artificial definitely if you’re in the market for a salon brand clarifying shampoo I would say this is the first one you should check out.

And if you don’t like this one you have a lot of other options but this is my favorite for sure that’s going to wrap up today’s video on best clarifying shampoos I would love to hear your recommendations if you’ve tried some really great clarifying shampoos that I haven’t mentioned and if you have any other recommendations for future videos any questions for me.

Feel free to let me know in the comment section thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll talk Shampoo you can call me Chevy if you like – I’m just sipping on the beer and I have a story to tell in a minute but I just want to tell you this is time to heal again and it’s a show about domestic violence.

And the solutions to somebody or someone male or female that’s involved in a domestic violence type of relationship so I again I thank you for tuning in and I have to co-host this evening I have Josie Carter hello how are you good evening I’m here all being feeling good feeling good okay.

And we have another co-host Amina I mean oh yeah I’m here great great how are you I’m good it took me a minute to get on but um yeah yeah I’m sewing great I’m sipping on honey today and I’m ready to go on charge I don’t I don’t know you I see you in the chat room quickly I think it’s two of you okay you’re a me know for everybody but first yes okay okay so tell us about yourself were you ever and on some type of domestic violence situation.

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