The Reasons Why We Love Best Mexican Fast Food

Every time we hideout not today these tentacle nations toucan see them all on the skyline up the rebut at the top of them are little bitty like rocks that kind of just kind of balance on top and that is apparently naturally forming this is that great here one there are all these different colored layers in the rafts but one of the coolest ones is the white layer kind of higher up and they say that that was when volcanoes exploded and that was sheath that fell to the ground and I guess it created a really.

Thick layer that lasted is amazing[Music]this is not good for people who are foster phobic a lot tighter than I thought geezer other point in time was this whole thing just came crashing down scary[Music]check out this formation up here Houston just said it looks like a chubby lady who was turned upside down and stuck in the ground and those are her little feet you can hike up and see what this whole shit jeez slippery what’s in there happened oh just a little Joyrider you made it I did it thank God now.

The question Mexican Restaurant is going to get down I don’t know it’s like gonna be challenge so I don’t yeah like Sophie first we’ve got an audience down there now okay that was scold whoopee almost fell on my ass almost drop the camera I could have been back right here you can see a layer of white that’s been exposed this just kind of goes into the rock but I guess it’s been eroded away right here you can see some of the edge of it it’s pretty neat this stuff inhere has like the consistency of like pumice or coal or something but this all formed because of a volcanic eruption left all this ash on the ground it pileup and when you look.

At it this closely-you Best Mexican fast food can tell that it’s formed for match because it’s so crumbling though it’s really brittle there’s a lot of air in there it looks like ash this is kind of the iconic spot that you always see in the pictures you can see the tops floating right here so this is people turn into Little Rock’s and eventually fall off I just stepped in this giant hand pile just like I did the other day and they were.