You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Grow Bags

Is really bad for the tree in these the roots will actually penetrate the sidewall and when it hits the air it has a natural grow bags pruning effect which increases a secondary root growth so we actually get we don’t have any spiraling but you actually get areal root ball you know it’s not just bunch of roots that go to the bottom of the bag and spiral around we’re getting you know tons and tons of primary route sand that a lot of secondary roots and the secondary roots are what are pulling in nutrients and water so it’s very cool product very nice comes in different sizes anywhere from gallons down to seven gallon size.

with sizes in between really amazing last years in the full Sun which is a really good thing for our environment down here you know sons very hard on plastic products here at Great Plains nursery we have focus on native that includes trees shrubs perennials and grasses with our tree production we focus on reproductions that includes the rut maker system well what happens with the bag system visas the tree as a tree roots grow they get trapped in the side of the bags and so with that you get trapping and so then you get root dancing.

Backwards so ultimately what you get out of this bags about of tree roots of a nice fibrous system free of circling roots free of j-hooks when you harvest the tree you’re not losing any of the tree-roots you have of that tree root sand so when you go and plant that in the landscape you’re the tree just takes off this results in a rust system that has greater surface area than conventional production and therefore achieves greater efficiency in the absorption of water tree nursery nebraska and nutrients so what you’ll see is an increase in growth.

Rate establishment transplant serviceability ultimately a superior performance on the landscape well what what happens with container production is all good and fine if it’s done correctly and fit’s done on a timely manner what happens with what container productions the tree roots grow out and they hit the side of that.