How I Successfully Organized My Very Own Technology

Bonds right in front of us that’s probably panic reaction but diva’s bomb does damage so it kills you regardless probably a panic reaction but your panic reaction should not be to alts in most cases because a panic cult tends to note a very good ultimate it’s only primal rage so it’s not the end of the world but it’s still a bit of a sad use of company resources to just throw it away-like.

That so we’re coming back around here right nowhere’s again sort of posturing on the front line we want to be more actively looking for a way to get to the back line right there we did see a very brief opportunity again because if we pause it right around like so we see that back here we’ve got just Zara and mercy again and the Zara still has no discharged starts floating off into this rooms we could jump onto their mercy right there especially since we have our bubble up and start pressuring them right there immediately.

Again over there we see our teammate getting collapsed anthem but it’s only Reaper so he manages to just rave form back up to safety we see far over here and we come oh so close to killing them but we can’t quite get the get the last tick on ER now we just jump on to the point right now we look up here and we see that we’ve lost our Cree so we’re at a numbers disadvantage right now and we’re going to kind of just walk at their tank line which again we don’t want to do because-Winston’s really bad at fighting tanks this is the last area we want to go instead we could just sit up here and wait for the one second cool down on.