Adrenal Fatigue upplements – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

So you’ve probably heard that tossed around but I want to explain what that means a little bit more if you set a lion in the wilderness chase zebra the lion is attacking he’s fighting the zebra the zebra is fighting is running away they’re both experiencing flutter fight just depends on what end of the spectrum the lion is looking for supper and the zebra is looking to avoid being supper and so it’s both a stressful situation one is a starting situation if I don’t that animal.

I’m going to be I ‘m going to die it’s a survival thing zebra I get eaten I won’t survive so that what flatter fight means and so we all have the system inside-body but we’re not being chased by tigers what we’re being stressed out the news the media other people threaten financial disasters threatened stressed losses physical trauma so you have a lot of other stresses worried that.

Type of thing that type Adrenal Fatigue Supplements of stress is equivalentto  physical trauma okay so basically ina thumbnail sketch if you’re suspectingthat your adrenals are fatigued  you cansimply just check one test you can justbasically check the blood pressure lyingand standing and seeing if this bloodpressure goes up six to ten points if itdoesn’t then we know there’s someweakness within that system there’s alot of videos I have on what you doabout adrenal fatigue but I wanted toexplain just a way to test it okay nowin this next part I want to show you onemore part.

Understanding The Background Of Wine In Colorado

They all had to give wine in Colorado it a gold medal OK so if one of those judges let’s say there’s eight there’s four judges at this table and four judges at this table if one of those judges would have given that wine is silver it wouldn’t have won the double gold okay so that means that wine was tasted twice okay and they don’t know where it comes from all they typically knows the variety and sometimes it’s even broken down for price point so for a winery to win double gold that’s a big deal what advice would you tell any person who came to you and said I want to be a winemaker where would you send them the first thing that.

I would tell them would be to find a winery it doesn’t it wouldn’t have to be in Colorado find a region that you enjoy and that you could have time and money and move there and experience the making of the line and then once you’ve got maybe a year or two under your belt as far as experience hands-on then definitely I’m all for the education side of it i think you need both I think that’s the one of the key ingredients off a good wine maker it’s not only the hands-on but also the educational background Doug.

Casey executive director of the Colorado wine industry development board explains how they’re promoting Colorado wines we have website Colorado wine calm we’ve just launched mobile apps for both that the Apple OS and the Android platform and those are available from our website we do a lot of tastings around the state and just because we found the best way to get people interested.

Colorado wine is to put it in their mouth festivals why there’s two big wine festivals that are Colorado well there’s several better Colorado only the two main ones the Colorado urban wine fest which is the first weekend in June in Glendale and the Colorado Mountain wine fest which is the third weekend of September in palisade those are the two that are done by our industry so festivals are generally a good place Togo in and find one something big festivals could be kind oaf zoo but you know it’s a much more festive atmosphere but that’s a great place to go and sample wines from many different.